Calcium Citrate Malate and Vitamin k2–Latest Innovation on High Bioavailability for Bone Health

Post time: Sep-26-2022

The 4th Food Formula Innovation Forum(FFI) was held in Xiamen at Sep, Richen Blue shown up again in this pleasant costal city.


MI Product Manager Mr Roy Lu was introducing a more effective and safe way to take Calcium Supplement


Advantages from innovated partner

Calcium citrate malate (CCM) is chemical chelation from Calcium, Citric acid and Malic acid, which combination in soluble complex. With perfect sensory properties, Calcium citrate malate is especially suitable for applications in liquid drinks, tablets, capsules, soft candy and other dosage forms. Research showed Calcium citrate malate has 37% on bio-absorption rate while Calcium carbonate only has 24%, absolutely it comes the first choice for people who has Calcium supplement demands.

Richen also brought another super ingredient product Vitamin K2. Richen innovated green fermentation technology to produce Vit K2 (mk-7), active osteocalcin and mgp protein in vivo, by this blood calcium turns into bone calcium, so to deliver calcium into bone. The product can be used for protecting bone health and cardiovascular health.

Based on experiments, it is proved to have excellent application stability performance in various dosage forms such as VD3+VK2 soft capsules, VD3+VK2+Ca soft capsules, VD3+VK2 tablets and VD3+VK2+Ca tablets. Besides, we offer application support and testing service according to CNAS authentication.

While we are walking on two legs, perfect Calcium is originated with effective deliver assistant. We believe that Richen introduces new fashions for bone health. For a long time, Richen has been constantly innovating, responding to the changes in consumers' demands for healthy products, and outputting more products and services that meet the new market demands in addition to the functional dietary supplements that guarantee the product basis. In the future, in view of the changing situation, we’re going to cooperate with domestic and foreign food companies to face challenges and satisfy demands from Chinese nutrition and health market.