Exclusive Interview On NHNE: 20+ Years’ Story of Richen In Health Industry

Post time: Aug-11-2022

In the golden autumn of October, New Nutrition joined hands again at the site of NHNE China International Health and Nutrition Expo.

R&D manager of Richen’s Nutrition Health Ingredients business Kun NIU accepted the interview of "New Nutrition Interview Record" and introduced Richen’s 20+ years’ story focusing on health industry.


Check the interview dialogue below:

(Q-Reporter; A-Niu)

Q: The competition in the nutrition and health industry is so fierce, how can Richen maintain advantages and keep developing rapidly?

Since the establishment in 1999, Richen has been engaging in the health ingredients industry for 23 years, and has a stable customer base in the field. Richen has a professional and stable team in production, technology, sales and marketing. Especially in the technical side, Richen has professional engineers with more than ten years of research and development experience. We adhere to the professional culture and constantly improve the professionalism to cope with the ever-changing market business.

Richen has always been devoting to the quality of life with a complete quality system. The company has 53 quality personnels accounting for 16.5%; At the same time, Richen also pays attention to the investment in testing with our own independent testing center, and currently with CNAS certification of 74 test items. Richen is also continuously increasing the investment in testing equipment. Recently, Richen also invited the British labor quality certification company to develop TQM (Total Quality Management) to further strengthen quality management.

In addition, Richen has been adhering to product technology innovation, and has set up 3 R&D platforms in Wuxi Jiangnan University, Nantong production base and Shanghai headquarters, which can realize new product development, industrialization transformation and application technology research respectively.

Richen continues to invest millions every year to cooperate with Jiangnan University to jointly develop new products and technologies.

Q: As science continues to emphasize the important impact of nutrition on bone health, what are Richen's solutions of bone health? By the way, Richen's scientific research on vitamin K2 is further developing. What do you think about the market demand and potential of vitamin K2?

Richen independently produces Vitamin K2 and continuously conducts technological innovation and reducts customers’ costs.

In addition, Richen is a professional nutrition and health solutions company, we can provide not only K2, but also can provide customers with all kinds of high quality inorganic or organic Calcium and Magnesium minerals salts, these calcium and magnesium minerals can also be combined with K2 for bone health formula.

Richen can also provide customers with the concept formula of products, professional testing services, multi-product formula combination design, and even provide customers with complete OEM and ODM services, and finally form a complete closed-loop integrated service solution for customers.

Q: Apart from bone health, what else does your company do for different health areas?

Besides bone health, Richen also has a corresponding layout in the fields of early nutrition, middle-aged and elderly nutrition, brain health, food for medical purposes and fortified staple food. Specifically, Richen focuses on the following areas:

1. Early nutrition, involving infant milk powder, complementary food, nutrition packs, and maternal milk powder and other products. In addition, considering that China is gradually entering the aging society, the nutrition of middle-aged and elderly people is the direction of our long-term, mainly involving middle-aged and elderly milk powder and other products;

2. Brain health: Phosphatidylserine is proved to improve memory and play a soothing effect of gamma-aminobutyric acid and other high-quality self-produced raw materials;

3. Medical nutrition: We have our own medical nutrition brand Li Cun, which has occupied a certain share in the market. At the same time, we take advantage of our raw material advantages to provide independent supporting raw materials for medical nutrition products.

4. Fortified staple food: Richen can provide high iron, high Calcium and other nutrient strengthening solutions for flour, rice, grains and other staple foods.

Richen is capable of providing high quality monomer materials, premix products and finished products for above fields.