Richen Bacillus Subtilis Fermented to Produce Vitamin K2 Won The Award

Post time: May-25-2022

After being reviewed by the Science and Technology Award Evaluation Committee of Jiangsu Light Industry Association, the R&D and industrial application of key technologies for Bacillus subtilis fermentation and production of vitamin K2 have passed the 2022 8th Jiangsu Light Industry Association Science and Technology Award Technology Invention Award . The proposed awarding projects of the Technological Progress Award will be announced to the society on the website of Jiangsu Light Industry Association (


About Richen Vitamin K2

Starting from 2015, Richen initiated the research of K2 strains and obtained K2 high-producing strains after two years. Then we conducted small and middle tests in 2018, and got K2 product by industrialized design. Through the purification technology, K2 with high purity was produced. In 2020, Richen constructed the production line, registered the trademark of RiviK2® and the product was officially put on the market.

In experiments, Vitamin K2 has showed good stability in various applications such as tablets, softgels, gummies, formulated milk powder etc.

International Advanced Purification Technology

It is a fermented product fermented by Bacillus subtilis natto with soybean powder, sugar and glucose, extracted and refined to a purity of more than 85%, and made with auxiliary materials such as maltodextrin or soybean oil. Adopt green extraction process, no organic solvent is used.

Safe Fermentation Strain

The fermentation strains of RiviK2® have been certified by the China Industrial Microbial Culture Collection Center.

Key Features:
· Advanced extraction process, solvents residue free
· All-trans MK-7 by fermentation
· Made from high pure crystal powder without impurities
· Animal test shows effectireness in bone health.