Richen starts up the new amino acid chelate production line of minerals workshop!

Post time: Jan-18-2024

On the morning of January 18, 2024, the opening ceremony of the amino acid chelate production line of minerals workshop was successfully held. Richen’s CEO Shen Yufeng, COO Yang Qinghao and all employees of the minerals division witnessed this milestone moment.

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Accompanied by a festive salute, company leaders cut the ribbon together, marking that the workshop was officially put into use. Richen will further grow rapidly. As a key project of the company to start construction in 2023, the mineral production workshop covers a total area of 1,000 square meters, a GMP area of 600 square meters, and a total investment of 7 million yuan. The total production capacity of amino acid chelates is expected to be 500 tons/year, with  Ferrous glycinate, calcium glycinate, magnesium glycinate and zinc glycinate are the core products.

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Starting up the new production line also marks that Richen's amino acid chelate products and mineral nutrition solutions will go faster and better across the country and the world, injecting new impetus into accelerating Richen's growth and development, which embodies the sincere desire and determination of all employees of the company for the market prospects. In the near future, the mineral workshop will play an indispensable and important role.

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From 2005, Richen has developed into a comprehensive mineral supplier in the nutrition industry. With high bioavailable integrated mineral salts as the core, we continue to expand the product line of calcium, magnesium and deeply processed trace mineral elements, and are committed to providing customized mineral nutrition solutions with stable quality, complete varieties, high cost-effectiveness and good application performance.

Faced with new challenges and new journeys, we will witness a better future!