Richen’s New RiviK2® Micro-encapsulated Powder Scientifically Empowers Bone Health

Post time: Aug-09-2023

We are honored to announce that our RiviK2® series family welcomes an exciting new member - Vitamin K2 (fermented) micro-encapsulated powder. The innovative product has better application performance and characteristics, it helps manufacturers solve key pain points and meets the stability requirements of K2 in alkaline minerals formulations.


Efficacy of Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 (MK-7) is a fat-soluble vitamin with multiple health benefits in bone health, cardiovascular health, and more.


Calcium cannot enter the blood directly, and needs to pass through the difficult intestinal mucosal cells. Vitamin D3 helps form osteocalcin, which opens channels in the membranes of intestinal cells, allowing calcium ions to pass quickly into the blood. Vitamin K2 activates osteocalcin (OC) and matrix Gla protein (MGP) to “lead calcium into bone” and reduce calcium deposits in blood vessels.

Pain Point of Vitamin K2 Application

Alkaline mineral salts are a key factor in K2 degradation, especially when formulated with calcium citrate and magnesium oxide. This factor can reduce the retention rate of vitamin K2 in the end product.

In order to solve the above problems and improve the stability of K2 in the formula of alkaline mineral salts, RiviK2® series launched the new vitamin K2 micro-encapsulated powder.


Advantages of RiviK2® Micro-encapsulated Powder

1. The product is in uniform granular form, showing the excellent uniformity of K2 essays and great fluidity.


2. Significantly improving the stability of K2 in alkaline minerals formulations, effectively reducing the excess addition factor.


According to the accelerated test results in the above report, RiviK2® vitamin K2 micro-encapsulated powder itself has excellent stability.

Stability Data of RiviK2® Micro-encapsulated Powder in Tablets

Experimental conditions: 37°C±2°C, 75%±5%, accelerated for 3 months

Subject: RiviK2® Vitamin K2 Micro-encapsulated Powder


The experimental results of Richen’s internal stability test shows that the retention rate of RiviK2® micro-encapsulated powder in the alkaline minerals formula can reach up to 99%, demonstrating its excellent application stability in complex calcium-magnesium systems.

History of RiviK2®

After several years of R&D and process optimization, RiviK2® can provide a series of vitamin K2 products with excellent quality and strong application performance. Through timely and warm professional services, we can reduce the cost of clients and continuously improve clients’ experience.

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We provide with professional market insights, creative formulas, scientific support, application data and testing services, and continue to create and optimize scientific solutions for bone health.

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